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Beverly Bartsch

I've been entrepreneurial from a young age.  Growing up on a farm in Minnesota there was lots of work. From a very young age my parents would pay us for working in the fields in the summer. However, we had to track our own hours. If we didn't track our time in writing and submit it weekly, we weren't getting paid. At a young age, my freelancer's finance training began.  

Now with 30+ years of business management, accounting and coaching experience, I am able to listen to the needs of the starting freelancer and offer systems and processes to enable the creativity and productivity to flow.  I will teach you how to track it, submit it and get paid.

Reading and going to cars & coffee with my son are two favorite ways to relax.   

My history

In 2001, a number of friends were launching freelance careers. Each needed business management and accounting start-up help. Coffee and dinner conversations launched my own freelance career putting structure to the accounting process and freeing up time for the solo and entrepreneurs to do what they love!

In the beginning of my freelance career I set up systems and served as full service accounting department for the growing freelancers businesses.

Now, I am taking what I've learned and teaching YOU to get started on your own journey.  Technology is allowing for more DIY, even with finances. In teaching you the skills you need to get started you will always have a handle on your finances and can grow that aspect of your business along with your product or service.

My mission

My mission is simple...To teach you make the most of your freelance career by paying attention to your finances:

Step 1. Know the differences between W-2 employee and 1099 freelancer.

Step 2. Set up the basic systems for your freelance world.  I will show you how.

Step 3. Tracking your income and expenses, and knowing what is tax deductible.

Step 4....and all along the way provide coaching and consulting when questions arise.  

Eventually you will grow and be able to hand this off to a bookkeeper or accountant. Until then remember you will pay fewer taxes by paying attention. Start early.

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  • One on one consulting for start-up business
  • Freelancer's Guide to Financial Freedom online course coming soon!
  • Tailored business management services for entrepreneurial businesses, individuals and non-profits 
  • Legal entity clarification
  • Accounting system
  • Quickbooks Tutorial
  • Accounts setup
  • Process and systems

Current & Past Clients:

  • Musicians
  • Virtual Reality Arcade
  • Educational services startup
  • Hair salon, 
  • Graphic designer
  • Construction company/developer
  • National magazines 
  • Local weekly newspaper 
  • Nonprofits 
  • Record Label 
  • Tour Management 
  • Entertainment managers
  • Retail store 
  • Numerous consulting clients for various startups in Tennessee, Minnesota and Florida


"What you taught me in four days changed the course of my career.  I was able to set up and run a variety of businesses including rental property management, dry cleaners, and commercial cleaning company. What you taught me has allowed me to keep an eye on my finances while working my business."

Laura, serial entrepreneur 

"Beverly Bartsch, you have the ability to take the stress of anything financial, calm me down and provide the answer. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

                    Susan, graphic designer

"I can breathe easier knowing you have the finances handled." 

Jim, musician 

"We could have never focused on the creative side of the business without you. Knowing you had our best interests at heart and handled everything with such integrity we never had to worry.  Thank you"

Heather & David, Small business owners

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